Mental health support

If you鈥檙e experiencing problems with your mental health, we can help.

Our experienced Safeguarding and Welfare Advisors are friendly and approachable, and can help you make sense of any difficulties you may be having. These could include, but aren鈥檛 limited to:

  • Feeling low, sad or depressed
  • Feeling stressed, worried or anxious
  • Having problems at home, with friends or in relationships
  • Bullying or harassment

You don鈥檛 need to go through anything alone. If you鈥檙e struggling, you can access support by talking to any member of College staff, whether it鈥檚 a lecturer, a Personal Tutor or Study Coach, a mentor or Learning Assistant from our Additional Learner Support (ALS) team, or Student Services. They can offer a listening ear and point you in the direction of other services we offer if needed, to make sure you get the right support for you.

If you don鈥檛 feel comfortable approaching someone in person, you can also call 0117 312 5000, email

We also offer a range of academic and personal support resources and support.

Other support


TalkCampus is a peer support mental health and wellbeing platform. It鈥檚 created specifically for students in recognition of the unique challenges you face, and offers a welcoming and confidential environment where you can share what鈥檚 on your mind. All 海角大神 students can access TalkCampus with their student email.


If a Safeguarding and Welfare Adviser thinks you鈥檙e having a particularly difficult time, they can refer you to our free, confidential counselling service.

Counselling can help you overcome your problems, and find new ways to manage your situation more effectively so that you can return to studying successfully again.

If you are referred, you鈥檒l be offered four counselling sessions at your most convenient centre, at the same time every week.

Our counsellor is highly experienced and works within the British Association for Counselling (BAC) code of ethics.

We can also refer you to an external agency if necessary.

Remember you can always contact your GP too, to discuss any problems affecting your health.

To find out more about our counselling service, call 0117 312 5733, email

External support services for 海角大神 students

  • Call 0808 808 0330
  • Available Wednesday to Sunday from 8pm to midnight

  • Online counselling service (available for under 18s only)
  • Monday 鈥 Friday 12pm 鈥 10pm
  • Saturday 鈥 Sunday 6pm 鈥 10pm


  • A mental health social movement for young people

  • Call 116 123 or visit the website
  • Helpline or email service 鈥 not just for crisis
  • Available 24/7

  • Text Shout to 85258
  • 24/7 free text service

  • Campaign focusing on young people鈥檚 mental health
  • Perfectionism, loneliness, independence, social media and competitiveness

Where to find us